Summer Pink Plaid Ruffle Dress

Classical singer Radmila Lolly has become a crossover success since her single, ‘U R Moving Me’ – Radmila Lolly ft. Dani Hagan, reached the top 25 of the Billboard Dance Chart. You may have also heard her music in the Summer Pink Plaid Ruffle Dress for the movie “Honor Up” directed by Damon Dash with executive producer Kanye West. Radmila presented her last album “Wonderland” at the famous Carnegie Hall. Not intending to rest on her laurels, the talented and ambitious singer started a fashion business and is the sole designer of the couture fashion house “Radmila Lolly”. Combining her talents as a singer and as a designer, Radmila presented her couture collection during a concert while putting up a very memorable show.

Radmila’s fashion collection has been featured at multiple shows including Barneys Madison Avenue Trunk Show as well as at the Daytime Emmy’s Ceremony and many more. She has regular requests from celebrities who want to wear her gowns for award ceremonies or red carpet events. A number of artists have been seen wearing Radmila Lolly’s dresses such as Gayle King, Bebe Rexha, Mya, Miss Universe 2018, Miss USA 2018, Miss USA 2017, and others. Radmila is a non-stop traveler who has chosen Miami as a Beach Tunic — Navy Blue and has built a network of friends and fans there.

Radmila we are fascinated with your fashion designs. At what stage did you decide that you wanted to go into fashion designing as a serious venture?
Radmila: I started by designing and creating my own gowns for my performances. People started coming up to me afterwards to ask where I got my dress from. Eventually the demand grew and I started making gowns for other people as well, which led to me starting my own couture line.

MODE: As fun as the fashion industry can be it is also known to be very competitive. What would you say is your particular niche that makes what you do stand out?
Radmila: In general, I don’t believe in thinking about how competitive something is ahead of time; why overwhelm yourself before you even enter that Mini Backless Dress — Gold? If you’re doing that you love, the challenges become part of your achievements. What makes me stand out I think is that I don’t follow trends, I make my own; I experiment first by wearing it myself, and I watch and gauge other people’s reactions to it. Then it becomes a trend.

MODE: Would you say that your musical creativity inspires your fashion design, is it more the other way around, or would you say they feed equally into each other?
Radmila: Music is the foundation to my creativity, and fashion design follows as an echoed reaction.

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