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With no or limited live performances during the Red Velvet Hooded Cape Cloak Sexy Santa Cosplay Costumes, you have a unique time in your life for personal reflection and creativity. Share your heart and soul of current activities.
Lola: I think it is critical for all of us to try to stay positive, mentally, and physically active, and try not to fall into depression over everything that has been happening this year. That is how I have approached this surreal time. I have used it to improve, develop and grow, and I am looking ahead with hope. I believe hope, positivity, good ideas and strong character is what we, as society, need to pull out of this situation. There is too much negativity, resentment, and hostility in the air today, and while these emotions are understandable, they are hardly the “building blocks” for the future. We are in it together, all of us, so we need to find the way to support each other.

MODE: I love your original piece, Inspirit, both the music and video. Share with us your artistic inspiration beneath the music, Sexy Hoodie Santa Claus Sweetie Cosplay Costumes the music to life and the creation of the video.
Lola: Thank you. There is a story behind the video for Inspirit. I was in Croatia for another performance when I was shown that uniquely picturesque beach, which is rightly considered one of the most beautiful in the world. But we had nothing prepared for a video, so my producing partner and my good friends and fans in Croatia had to perform several small miracles to put this shoot together essentially in a matter of hours. And because the beach had no car access, several wonderfully strong local men carried the 800 lbs. grand piano by hand for 150 yards. It was incredible!

You are working on a live show with music and visual Black Faux Leather Dress. How is the project coming along? What are your creative compositions for the show?
Lola: That is true, that is the big and exciting project that I hope to bring to the audiences worldwide once normal life and concerts resume. It is something that my team and I have continued to work on during quarantine, and while I can’t reveal the specifics yet, I can share that it will break several new grounds in the music business.

MODE: Your music is filled with romance, self-reflection, and passion. What are the loves in your life?
Lola: I think I am most touched by beauty in this life; beauty in all its forms and manifestations. And music is the best way I know how to capture and express it, and, hopefully, create my own beautiful world.

MODE: You have been creating new music with a mix of classic and electronic. Tell us about your upcoming release. How can you reach music lovers who have little affection for the classics? Are you bringing the classics to a contemporary perspective?

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