Long Sleeve Floral Casual Dress

Your Emmy Award winning performance of Long Sleeve Floral Casual Dress “Rhapsody in Blue” is simply outstanding. How were you selected to perform this? Were you allowed creative interpretation of the music or did the music director, Gerard Schwarz, set the creative interpretation?
Lola: The project was Gerard Schwarz’s brainchild, and he reached out to me asking which concert I would prefer to record together. I thought that doing a concerto by my favorite American composer would be a great choice for a collaboration with this truly all-star American orchestra. Beyond that, it is always the soloist’s vision that leads a performance. The orchestra is there to support and add colors, and they were a Two Color Long Sleeve Casual Dress to work with, but the key artistic choices are always up to the soloist.“The Journey to the Theatre of Silence” is an amazing musical journey with Andrea Bocelli, Davis Foster, and yourself. Share your experience collaborating with Andrea and David.
Lola: Being with Andrea in his native Italy and sharing the stage at the Theatre of Silence was a singular experience on many levels. It’s a unique venue that looks and feels as if Andrea’s dream had come alive for one incredible summer night: the music, the stage lights, the starry sky above and V Neck Long Sleeve Elegant Casual Knitted Dress of people in the audience all surrounded by the rolling hills of Tuscany. It was magical, and we simply wanted to capture this moment and give a little glimpse of it to everyone who could not be there.

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