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The mix between different genres is, indeed, an Leather Dress Long Sleeve new direction that I would like to continue to explore. But the upcoming release will be a purely piano album and will feature several of my favorite compositions from the Romantic era, as well as a couple of surprises. Julio Reyes Copello is producing this album with me, and we feel that this release will be very timely and relevant in 2020. There are so many things that this year has forced us to confront and reflect on, and we hope that this album will ignite a conversation about our individual life experience today. It’s a broader topic than this interview allows, but we will share more reflections on our social media in the weeks to come, so I invite everyone to join the Women’s Sweatshirt Dress With Pockets — Pink on my Instagram (@LolaAstanova) and Facebook (@RealLolaAstanova).

MODE: Your beauty and fashion style are as captivating as your music. Is this a Russian thing as there are so many elegant women coming from that part of the world in the art, beauty and fashion industries? Which designers do you love? Do you select your fashion styling as an interpretation of the music?
Lola: Thanks for your compliments but, luckily, one culture does not hold exclusivity on beauty, especially here in Florida where we have so many beautiful and stylish women from every part of the world. As for fashion, yes, I absolutely think that music and style are connected, and I do consider what and where I will be performing when I pick my outfits. And there are Elegant Tweed Spaghetti Strap Bodycon Women Mini Dress big artists among fashion designers, including some truly inspirational and transcendent figures like Tom Ford or the late great Karl Lagerfeld. But I do not always go for big name designers: sometimes I pick a simple well-fitting dress and feel just as good wearing it.

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