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What sort of long term effects do you think the Coffee Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dresses pandemic might have on the music and fashion industries as a whole and on your endeavors in particular?
Radmila: I want to stay positive. People need each other’s energies for live shows and concerts, so I don’t believe that large live performances will never return. However, it gave musicians a chance to create more at home so I hope we will see the results of that soon. There’s been a lot of composing, songwriting, and recording at home.

MODE: What can we expect to see from you in music and fashion in the near future? Any other plans that MODE readers can look forward to?
Radmila: My upcoming self-composed 19 movements programmatic album corresponds to a novel I am also writing. This project has been in the works since I first started the novel six years ago. When the book was started, I had always wanted an album to go along with it, but at the time I did not compose at all and I figured someone else would be composing it. Since Black Floral Chiffon Dress Ruffle Sleeve, my musical journey has brought me to composing, and now I can tell the story of my novel in another medium. There will also be a corresponding audiobook, and of course a couture line to accompany the album and the novel.Antonella Salvucci is a seasoned Italian actress who started off her career as a successful fashion model. She has enjoyed success in TV in roles including Doctor in the Family 3, The beauty of women 2, Carabinieri, Marshal Rocca, Police Department, Rex, It was my brother, Moana, and The season of crimes. Her movie achievements include a leading role in The Sentimental Education of Eugenie, directed by Aurelio Grimaldi. She has enjoyed supporting and part roles in The Night of the Sinner by Alessandro Perrella, The Torturer by Lamberto Bava, The Family Friend by Paolo Sorrentino, The Red Dot by Marco Carlucci, The Anger by Louis Nero and Red Riding Hood by Casual Butterfly Sleeve High Waist Chiffon Chic Dress K. Cimini. Antonella spends her time between Italy and the US and has been working on new projects to add to her already very respectable acting repertoire.

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