Casual Floral Dress — Blue Flower

What challenged you the most on your journey to becoming accepted as a serious and respected fashion designer?
Radmila: I just don’t think that way; it’s always a Casual Floral Dress — Blue Flower, and there’s always different stages of life that are part of that. I love the people that I work with, and my clients, so I feel accepted at all times, no matter what stage in my journey I am at.

MODE: How did your music end up being the soundtrack of the movie “Honor Up”?
Radmila: Damon Dash and I have known each other for over a decade, we always were saying that we were going to work together but there was never the right opportunity until he was directing this movie, “Honor Up”. At that point, I had just released my album at Carnegie Hall, and he heard it and said it would be an amazing fusion of his movie and my music.

MODE: You seem to travel quite a lot for your music and Chiffon Long Sleeve Floral Print Dress activities so which city would you claim as home and which do you enjoy the most?
Radmila: LA, New York, and Miami: All of them are my homes. It’s like having three children; you can’t pick a favorite! They all offer different things.

MODE: With all the recent travel and other restrictions in place, how has the coronavirus pandemic affected your music and fashion businesses? What major changes have you had to make in how you operate?
Radmila: I think that music and fashion are both still the same for me creatively; you are always telling a story through your art. My life is always about being creative, so it is still the same. In terms of my couture line, I sketch, and check in on my staff who are working from home. We make only one of a kind couture pieces and production batches are small, so we haven’t been Blue Backless Sundress too much. The biggest thing is we have started producing masks to donate and also for our clients.

For music, I am working on my next album; I am always composing, and practicing singing as well as the six instruments I am learning to round out my compositional knowledge.

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