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Yes, modeling for me was a way to overcome my Black Faux Leather Dress, to test myself in front of a photographic lens and I started during my adolescence. I have always taken this passion of mine with great seriousness and professionalism, so much so that they also called me for underwear, bridal and prêt-à-porter fashion shows. A very privileged dimension but for a communicator like me it was a rather tight role and I started to search for other ways to express my creativity, and slowly giving voice to my great love for acting. So, mostly during the summer, I presented various live shows, not only of fashion but also of cinema, music and beauty contests. I tried to set aside an adequate sum of money to be able to pay for the flight to Los Angeles and acting schools there in America. So instead of taking holidays I used to spend my summer periods in USA, closed in theatres, preparing scenes and practicing with actors that came from the various places in the world, each with its own way, with its different culture and languages and each with its own way of acting. All this was for me the most useful school of life for my artistic and human training.

From these contacts in America then maybe we met with Casual Oversized Pleated Chic Dress to give life to the first films, short films or theatrical performances without forgetting that in the theatres important casting directors, directors, and producers always attentive to new talents came to see us and it often happened that we were given a job opportunity!

MODE: You travel between the US and Italy regularly. What would you say are the main differences between the movie industry in Italy and United States?
Antonella: They are two beautiful and complementary worlds that inspire and influence each other. They still tell the beauty of the fabulous 60s in which Italian cinema was a school in the world and the great American directors have taken much of that world and that timeless Dolce Vita as a model. We Italians admire American cinema for its majesty, its special effects, and the Americans admire our great heart in knowing how to describe stories and knowing how to trace feelings but even more our craftsmanship which is truly a distinctive element to leave everyone speechless. It is not by chance, for Floral Short Casual Print Dress, that on the great American sets there are Italian professionals who are awarded with the Oscars such as Dante Ferretti for scenography, Alessandro Bertolazzi for make up and visual effects, and other award winning talented directors such as Paolo Sorrentino with whom I have had the good fortune to work. I like to think that there is this continuous thread that links Italian cinema to American cinema for many years to come because I find it a really interesting exchange to give life to ambitious projects in the near future!

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